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Proper Cubicle Etiquette

While some workers try to make their cubicles a little “home away from home”, the truth of the matter is that the office is a shared space and the cubicle typically does not provide sufficient privacy for workers to be able to do whatever they want without disturbing others. Entire books have been penned on

Environmentalist Cubicle Décor

Those who care deeply about nature enjoy finding new ways to express their passion. Work in a cubicle provides a canvas to tell the story of their environmental concern. Here are some ideas for cubicle décor with an Earth friendly twist. Reminders Most offices have plenty of motivational posters that encourage workers to be as

7 Memorial Day Cubicle Ideas

Cubicles are one of the more prominent fixtures inside any modern office space. Other than just setting lines among the various departments in an office, cubicles can add to (or subtract from) the aesthetic beauty of the workplace, so it is important to decorate your cubicle appropriately this Memorial Day. A festive national holiday, Memorial