4 Recent Graduate Cubicle Decor Tips

If there is someone in your office who has recently graduated; that is an accomplishment that deserves a bit of celebration. One great way to show the graduate that you are happy for them is to decorate their cubicle. Below are a few great ideas for cubicle decorations for the new grad.

Buy a Kit

Yes, this is the easy way out, but when you buy a kit full of everything that you need for decorating the cubicle you can save a lot of time and make the process a whole lot easier. These cubicle decoration kits, which are available for many special occasions, include enough of a variety of coordinated items that you will be able to fully deck out the cubicle without having to spend a lot of time hunting for the perfect items.

These kits are available at many online retailers. While some brick and mortar stores may carry them, you will certainly find a better selection online, so be sure to factor in shipping times so that your order arrives in time for the new hire.

Let the School Rule

Another wonderful idea for decorating the cubicle of a recent graduate is to find ways to pay homage to his or her alma mater. You can do this through the use of the school colors. Buy streamers and balloons in the school colors and place them all around the cubicle.

You can also include mementos of the school sports teams. To take this to the extreme, create a life-sized cutout of the school mascot, so that will be the first thing the new grad sees when he or she enters the cubicle.

A Bright Future

Rather than paying tribute to the new graduates past, as with the previous idea, consider decorating the cubicle in a way that highlights the graduate’s bright future. Focus on the degree that he or she earned and fill the office with items relating to that degree.

A very thoughtful addition to this type of cubicle decoration idea would be a “Dream Board”. Many people are creating these boards on which they write down their life goals in a place that they can see it every day. For a nice touch, write just one thing on the Dream Board: graduate college. Of course, you can also draw a line right through that goal for a little humor!

Star of the Day

If the graduate tends to be a bit of a diva, then use cubicle decorations to make her feel like the star of the day. Roll a short red carpet up to the entrance of the cubicle, place bright lights, a mirror and other diva necessities throughout the space. A huge picture of the “star” should also be placed somewhere within the cubicle. A cutout star with the new grad’s name can be hung by the cubicle opening as a cute final touch.

Recent graduate cubicle decorating is a great way to show the graduate that you are proud of their accomplishment. You can decorate a little or a lot. No matter what you do, the graduate will see that you share in their joy of reaching this very important milestone.

*Photo provided courtesy of Beverly & Pack (Flickr)


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