Cubicle Decoration Rewards Program

Just a quick note to our loyal readers out there in cyber-space – We’re happy to announce the implementation of the all new CUBICLE DECORATION HQ REWARDS PROGRAM! This program is designed to promote user feedback on the site and interaction between members., and in return, you win CASH PRIZES! For a quick “how it works” review, check out the following list on how to earn loyalty points. Thanks for being a part of the Cubicle Decoration HQ family!

How to Earn Points

  1. Visit CubicleDecorationHQ each and every day. Every day you visit you will earn 100 points.
  2. Link our content to your Facebook page. The first “Like” of each day will earn you 100 points.
  3. Tweet our content to your Twitter followers. The first “Tweet” of each day will earn you 100 points.
  4. “+1” our content on Google +1. The first “+1” of each day will earn you 100 points.
  5. Comments!! Your first comment of every day will earn you 100 points.

Perform each of these tasks daily and you can earn a total of 500 points/day! With our current prize catalog, that’s a $15 GROUPON GIFT-CARD every month… for FREE!

Rewards Catalog

Our current rewards are listed below. We are still implementing the program but wanted to launch ASAP to benefit our loyal readers. We will be adding to the prize catalog shortly, but feel free to contact us with prize suggestions and future rewards, we’re happy to hear your thoughts!

[tab title=”$3 Amazon Giftcard”]Prize: $3 Amazon Giftcard
Points: 5,000 Points
$3 Amazon Giftcard[/tab]
[tab title=”$5 Target Giftcard”]Prize: $5 Target Giftcard
Points: 8,500 Points
$5 Target Giftcard[/tab]
[tab title=”$15 Amazon Giftcard”]Prize: $15 Amazon Giftcard
Points: 17,500 Points
$15 Groupon Giftcard[/tab]
Points: ???,??? Points
Question Marks

Get Started

If you’re interested in earning FREE CASH PRIZES, with no strings attached, sign up today by selecting the “Become a Member” shortcut on the right side of this or any page. As an added bonus, we will add 100 points to any new account!

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