Office Pranks and Jokes

If you have ever seen even a single episode of The Office, then you know how much office pranks can help ease the boredom of life in the cubicle. That being said, office pranks can also be time wasters, and should be used only sparingly rather than at every opportunity. Check out a few of our latest tips and tricks for messing with your coworkers!

Small Ideas

Want to do something quick and easy to prank your office mate? Try one of these office pranks.

  • Art Swap – Buy some of the ugliest, most outrageous art that you can find. Then get to work a little bit early so you can swap all of your co-workers art for your hideous art. See how long it takes him or her to notice, it’s amazing how blind people can be to their surroundings!
  • Keyboard Malfunction – Wouldn’t it be irritating if every time that you typed your name, the computer changed it to another word? For example, Tony would become “Turkey” and Mary would become “Marbles”. That would drive most people insane, and with a simple macro you can sit back and watch as your co-worker tries to figure out what in the world is going on. Better yet, open their document editing software and manually override any spell check settings!

Big Ideas

Small pranks can be fun, but sometimes you just need to take your office pranks to the next level. For both of the ideas below, you will need at least a few hours…maybe even a few days. These are perfect pranks to implement when the victim is off for a few days. When he comes back, he will be greeted with a welcome he’ll never forget.

  • Wall it In – “Where’s my cubicle?” That is what the victim will be asking when you completely wall off his or her cubicle. There is no need to disturb anything in the cubicle. Just use lumber and drywall to enclose it. For good measure, hang some artwork on the newly built wall and place a plant in front of it.
  • Build a House – Another option is to turn the victim’s cubicle into a little cottage. There are some hilarious videos online showing office workers who took this idea to the extreme. Whether you try to create a quaint cottage or a well-appointed mansion, the victim will feel right at “home” when he or she sees your handiwork.


  • Without a doubt, there are some managers that are annoyed that The Office was ever aired. It has surely helped to propel the art of the office prank to the next level. With this in mind, remember that you are at WORK. Try to get a feel for how your managers feel about office pranks before you earn yourself a label that could hurt your career.
  • Know your victim. Sure, it seems like fun to prank the most annoying person in the office, but that’s not usually a good idea. The point of a prank is to have fun – AND for the victim to have fun. If your prank truly offends someone then you have crossed a line.
  • Don’t go overboard. If you are spending more time working on and thinking about office pranks than you are working, there is a problem. Don’t become obsessed with office pranks or you will look like a teenage boy rather than a serious employee worthy of raises and promotions.

*Photo provided courtesy of TheBoth (Flickr)