Motivational Cubicle Décor

If you work in a cubicle, it is easy to sometimes feel boxed in which can hinder your concentration and productivity. Motivational cubicle décor can help you to keep your goals in the forefront of your mind and help you stay focused on success. Here are some ideas for motivational cubicle décor for you to implement today, so you can reach your full potential tomorrow.

Know What Motivates You

First, you have to know what motivates you. The answer is going to be different for every person. Perhaps your motivation is the desire to put your children through college. Maybe you want to be able to retire early, buy a beach house or pay off all of your debt. Motivational posters, magnets and other items are great, and can be included in your motivational cubicle décor, but the best motivation is going to come from the more personal items that speak directly to your own goals and dreams. Once you have identified the goals and people who motivate you, choose items that will remind you of that. If your child’s college fund is the goal then hang pictures of him or her in your office. If you want that beach house, choose photos of your last great beach vacation. This type of personal motivational cubicle décor will be an ever-present reminder of why you do what you do.

Don’t Go Overboard

Have you ever walked into a space that was completely overtaken by motivational posters? Pretty much every available surface was covered, and one poster seemed to just run into the next. This type of overkill can have the opposite of the desired result. Rather than being motivated by the posters, the “noise” of the clutter will drown out the messages of the posters. The same is true of any type of motivational cubicle décor. Instead of trying to pack in as much as you can, just choose a few of the best posters, pictures or other items. If there are several that you really like, consider changing them from time to time. This will not only keep your space from looking cluttered, but the changes will make the messages fresh rather than something that just blends into the background. Remember, none of your office decorations will matter if you are not motivated to strive for your best potential each and every day.

Motivate Others

In addition to motivating yourself, some people have the need or desire to motivate others. Of course, your personal motivations will not be effective for others in your office. For this reason, if the goal is to motivate others, you will also need to include more general motivation, such as posters or magnets. If there is a group working on a particular goal, having a progress board is a great motivational tool. A sales board is another good tool when appropriate.

Dream Board

It is easy to lose sight of your longer term goals when you get caught up in the daily grind. Keep those goals in the forefront of your mind with a dream board. If you don’t necessarily want your goals to be made public, the board doesn’t have to spell out each goal. Instead, you can just use a phrase or photo that will remind you of the goal. For example, if you want to retire at 55, just hang a sign that says “55” on your dream board. You’ll know what it means, but no one else will. Motivational cubicle décor can help you stay on track so that you goals and dreams can become reality.

*Photo provided courtesy of Pescatello (Flickr)


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