Minimalist Cubicle Decoration

No matter what type of work you do in your office, it is amazing how easy it is for every available surface to become buried in a mountain of paperwork, mail and other clutter. Make a decision today to reduce the feeling of chaos and clutter in your work space by choosing minimalist cubicle decoration.

Minimalism in decorating simply means that you choose items in their most basic form. For example, rather than an ornate, carved piece of furniture, you would choose a simple piece with clean lines and no embellishment.

Many office workers find that minimalist cubicle decoration makes it a lot easier to focus on the tasks at hand and that it is easier to keep a high energy level throughout the workday. Below are some tips to help you bring minimalist cubicle decoration to your work space.


When you work in an office you will need some supplies. Still, do you really need seven unopened packages of post it notes and 400 loose push pins rattling around in a drawer? Make a rule that you will only keep the supplies on hand that you actually need. If you do go through a large amount of a certain supply, then decide that you will keep just a one week supply. Every Monday, stop by the supply closet to pick up what you need for the coming week.

Go Wireless

One of the most distracting sights in many cubicles is the jumble of wires jutting out from the computer, fax machine, mouse and other equipment. Happily, it is the 21st century and technology exists that allows you to eliminate the majority of those wires without compromising your ability to work effectively.

Replace your wired printer, mouse and keyboard with wireless models. This one simple step can easily cut down on the look of clutter in your cubicle.


Speaking of clutter, you cannot have minimalist cubicle decoration if your space is full of clutter. It defeats the purpose. By definition, a minimalist work space will be free of unnecessary clutter. Make a habit of keeping on top of paper work. Not only will your cubicle look better, but you will feel better in the space as well.


A true minimalist work space will not have an abundance of storage. Still, depending on your job, there might be a genuine need for some storage space. In keeping with the minimalist cubicle decoration theme, choose floating shelves rather than those with visible brackets. Also, keep in mind that storage space is not a license for hidden clutter. You should keep the unseen spaces within your office just as neat as those that can be seen.

Minimalist cubicle decoration will make it easier for you to keep your cubicle neat and will give the feeling of a more spacious area. Both of these factors can work together to make your space more productive as well as making the cubicle a more pleasant place in which to spend your work day.

Photo provided courtesy of David Turnbull (Flickr)


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