7 Memorial Day Cubicle Ideas

Cubicles are one of the more prominent fixtures inside any modern office space. Other than just setting lines among the various departments in an office, cubicles can add to (or subtract from) the aesthetic beauty of the workplace, so it is important to decorate your cubicle appropriately this Memorial Day. A festive national holiday, Memorial Day is a time of celebration for all Americans and should be treated as such. Celebrate your God-given freedom and give life to your cubicle walls by decorating them this holiday season. These 5 tips for Memorial Day cubicle decoration will not only show off your patriotic attitude, but will show your co-workers that you truly support our troops who are fighting the War on Terror in harm’s way over seas.

  1. Drink coasters & coffee mugs are an inexpensive way to show off our national colors. Sport some Red, White, and Blue this season with a custom coaster from our sister site at the Coaster Queen!
  2. Use decoration materials that are apt for the Memorial Day celebration. Although this should be obvious, flags and other patriotic colors would be most appropriate, but be careful not to overdo your décor. As the saying goes, there is beauty in simplicity.
  3. Use environmentally friendly or recycled materials. After all, this is a patriotic holiday. What better way to serve your country than to protect its natural beauty?
  4. Let your walls tell a story. Normally, when people decorate, they are telling something to the people who will notice the décor. You can also do this when decorating your cubicle. Have a theme in mind and use your décor to express what you have conceptualized. If you have a member of your family who is/has been in the military, use this opportunity to show your support! Alternatively, if you are against the war feel free to show your support for bringing our troops home. Note however, that you should avoid overly political messages whenever possible. The last thing you want to do is start a political debate with your boss!
  5. Minimize the use of lights. While this is certainly a time for bright lights and fireworks, lights can be distracting and glaring on the eyes. If you’re looking for an easy and innovative solution, many arts and craft stores sell flameless candles (a wax mold with an LED inside that flickers, giving the appearance of a flame.)
  6. As the saying goes “April showers bring May flowers”. Decorating with floral themes this Memorial Day will bring life to your dull cubicle walls and provide pleasant aromas for your cubicle neighbors. If you so choose, edible fruit arrangements are also a unique and fun way to bring food into the office. Ditch the cake and cookies for a day and treat yourself t a healthy snack!
  7. POW/MIA flags are another great way to show that you support our troops. A non-political statement of remembrance, this is certainly something that all members of your staff will be able to appreciate and regard this holiday season.

With these tips, your Memorial Day cubicle decor should be the talk of the office. Remember to “KISS” (keep it simple, stupid) and find a steady balance between professionalism and your desire for creative output. Keep the fireworks and M80’s at home until the weekend!

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