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Life in a cubicle is a lot of things: It is frustrating, annoying, loud and, not least of all, funny. Office workers have misspent thousands of hours poring over cubicle jokes, and anyone who has ever spent time in a cubicle understands the humor in such jokes. Here are some places where you can find the best cubicle jokes as well as how to put the best of those jokes to good use.

Finding the Jokes

Dilbert – One of the best sources of laughs about life in a cubicle comes from Dilbert cartoons. If the daily comic strip is not enough for you then you purchase entire books of this witty, office humor.

The Internet – As mentioned above, the internet is the source of countless cubicle jokes. Of course, some are funnier than others, but even the not-so-funny cubicle jokes are at least good for a groan. When you find a Web site with quality jokes be sure to mark it as a favorite, so you can easily check back for updates.

Book Stores – If you feel that you will have an ongoing need for cubicle jokes, consider investing in a book full of them. A visit to most any bookstore will yield several options. This will allow you to have a supply of office jokes at your fingertips.

Look Around You! – Some of the funniest cubicle jokes are what you actually see in your own office every day!

Using the Jokes

Now that you know where to find some good cubicle jokes, you need to know what to do with them. Here are some ideas.

Newsletters – Pepper some cubicle jokes throughout the office newsletter. This will be an inspiration for employees to actually read the newsletter. To make it even more appealing, see if anyone in the office can draw. If so, have them illustrate a joke in each issue of the newsletter.

Email Blasts – If you send email blasts to groups of co-workers or employees ┬áthen add a joke or two in at the end of each communication.

Bulletin Boards – If you want to encourage employees to pay attention to postings on the bulletin board, one way to do that is to include some quality cubicle jokes amidst the memos about dress code policy changes and announcements about the next office birthday celebration.

Have a Contest – Bring out the inner funny bones of the people in your office by having a cubicle joke writing contest. Form a committee of three or four people who will serve as judges. Encourage employees to submit original cubicle jokes. Then the panel of judges will select a winner from all the entries. Another option is to give every employee one vote and allow everyone a hand in picking the winner.

Office cubicle jokes can lighten the mood in the office by shedding light on the funny side of what can be a boring day to day work life. Use cubicle jokes in the ways described above to add a touch of fun to the workday.

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