Holiday Cubicle Decoration

Even if you spend your work week as a cubicle dweller, the holidays are still a time to celebrate. Just because your work space may be quite small, you can still decorate for the holidays in a big way. Below are some tips and ideas for holiday cubicle decorations.

Know the Rules

Before you consider any type of holiday cubicle decorations, be sure to learn the rules in your office regarding the matter. Some offices will not allow the display of any religious items, so things such as nativity sets, crosses or the Star of David would be prohibited.

Some will not allow any type of holiday cubicle decoration for any holidays, even those that are not religious in nature. While that may be a disappointment, it is better to know before you start decorating.

Even those workplaces that will allow decorations may have rules about the type, size and number of decorations. By knowing the rules ahead of time, you will avoid an awkward situation down the road.

Choose a Style

Do you want to create an elegant display or something that is a bit quirky and fun? Because you are working with a rather small space, it is better to stick to one style. If you try to mix different styles in a small space, the result will look cluttered and confusing.

Don’t Offend

Try to choose items that will not offend other workers. For example, if you are decorating for Halloween, it might be a good idea to stay away from the hardcore gore and choose decorations that are a bit tamer.

In and Out

In addition to decorating the inside of your cubicle, consider adding some holiday cubicle decorations to the outside as well if your office will allow it. By doing this, more of your co-workers are likely to poke their head in to see the rest of what you’ve done. This is a plus because part of the fun of decorating is sharing your work with others.


Even though it is a holiday season, you will still have to get some work done. Be sure that your holiday cubicle decorations will not impede your ability to do what you have to do. Don’t cover your desk or make files or other items inaccessible.

Have a Contest

A holiday cubicle decoration contest is a great way to inspire a little friendly competition within the office. Some offices that have such contests take the challenge to the extremes with cubicle dwellers planning out their décor ideas for months. To keep things fair and give everyone an equal shot at winning, consider having some rules such as imposing a dollar limit on how much each worker can spend on the décor. Offer prizes in various categories such as most creative, most beautiful and most original. Holiday cubicle decorations are a fun way to bring the holiday spirit into the work place. Even if no one else seems interested in decorating their cubicles at first, once they see your décor, they just might jump on the decorating bandwagon.

Photo provided courtesy of kelp1966 (Flickr)


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