5 Easter Cubicle Decoration Ideas

There are over 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies, and 16 billion jelly beans produced each year. That’s enough to fill a nine-story building! If Cadbury can produce tens of tons worth of candy, surely you can dig through your closet and pull out a few pastel colors to decorate your cubicle for the Easter holiday. Here are 5 simple Easter cubicle decoration tips to help show your holiday spirit, and maybe even justify a bowl of candy (or 2… or 3) on your office desk! Note that each of these ideas is intended for a contemporary office environment. A closer look at our suggestions for cubicle decoration for religious holidays should also be made before pulling out any decorations that may be deemed inappropriate for the workplace.

  1. Just because you use Easter baskets to decorate your home doesn’t mean you can’t share your holiday spirit at work! Bringing in a basket filled with holiday treats is a sure-fire way to attract visitors to your cubicle. Feel in mind though, that if you bring products with nuts or other possible allergens, be sure to leave a little note by your basket detailing exactly what can be expected from your treats! Additionally, it is probably not such a good idea to bring in products that may spoil, such as painted eggs or Easter candy that needs to be refrigerated.
  2. Holiday crafts such as these Crepe Paper Carrots from Martha Stewart are a great way to show your holiday spirit with minimal out-of-pocket expense. Requiring only crepe streamers, crepe paper, a hot glue gun, and a printable template, these decorations will be a  hit with all of your cubicle neighbors.
  3. Change all of your pictures in your office to an Easter theme. This can range from the family photo stashed on your desk to the wallpaper on your PC, but rotating your pictures for the holiday will not only be a good conversation starter with your coworkers, but also remind you that there’s more to life than what’s inside of your four walls!
  4. Pastel floral arrangements are a go-to favorite for the holiday season. Buying pure white daffodils or other flowers from your local grocery and soaking them in water doused with your favorite food coloring will change the petal color. These will last long enough to enjoy through the season and bring a bit of life into your cubicle.
  5. If you’re part of a more relaxed office atmosphere, and feeling a bit adventurous, hiding plastic Easter eggs with candy around the office or in other cubicles is a great way to boost office moral. While this trick might be best saved for a manager or supervisor (they can do whatever they want, right?), discussing this possibility with your boss beforehand shouldn’t pose any real issues. Leaving other treasures, such as daily fortunes or raffle tickets, will offer alternatives to the traditional candy-filled treats.

There are just a few examples of some simple and elegant Easter cubicle decoration ideas for you to experiment with in your office. We’d love to hear what ingenious¬† cube decorations you have up your sleeves! As with all of our articles, we’d love for you to post a comment or even a picture of your cube below. We may even feature you in our showcase!

Photo provided courtesy of hermzz (Flickr)


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