Cubicle Decoration Home

It is hard to imagine that someone thought the cubicle was a good idea. Sure, it saves space, but it also manages to turn a well-educated worker into the equivalent of a caged animal. Studies have shown that productivity is directly related to how comfortable workers feel in their surroundings, so if you are a cubicle dweller, it is important to find cubicle decoration ideas to make your stay as comfortable and inviting as possible.

Of course, how far you can go with cubicle decorations will depend on a several factors, all of which may be modified to your personal preferences:

  • Company policy – For many, this is the toughest obstacle. Some businesses have rather strict policies about what can and cannot be done within your little fabric walls. Be sure to check on the policy before adding any cubicle decorations. If they policy is very strict, you may consider talking to the powers that be about possibly changing the rules so that workers will feel more comfortable – and therefore be more productive – inside their walls.
  • Size of the cubicle – The average cubicle is not very large, but there are still plenty of great cubicle decoration ideas that can be used, even in a smaller space. Of course, if you are lucky enough to have a larger cubicle, you can go even further to make your space a refuge.
  • Money –The business is not likely to foot the bill for your cubicle decorations. That being said, you will be happy to learn that there are very simple and inexpensive options that make a world of difference.

As you begin to search for the perfect cubicle decorations, consider first the type of environment that you want to create. Do you want a warm, relaxing cubicle? One that inspires energy and creativity, or one that is full of whimsy and fun? Once you know what you want the end result to be, it will be easier to choose items to make it happen.

Below are a few great ideas for decorating a cubicle. Of course, every idea won’t work for every cubicle dweller, but hopefully you will be able to find at least one idea that will give you some inspiration.

  • The Sun – A good percentage of cubicles do not have a window. One of the things that many cubicle dwellers miss most is the chance to see the sun. This is especially true for those who come to work very early and leave very late. They may go the entire work week without catching a glimpse of sunlight. While you won’t be able to add a real skylight, why not add a fake window or skylight? You will need to build or buy a box frame and then place a bright light inside. Cover with a piece of smoked plastic and you’ll have some faux sun to brighten up your days.
  • Cubicle Paper – What? You didn’t know there was such a thing as cubicle paper? There is! And it is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to entirely change the look of your cubicle. This fun cubicle decoration will not damage the fabric of your cubicle walls. The self-adhesive backing makes it very easy to hang and it comes in a variety of designs.
  • Fun! – Boredom is another common complaint of life in the cube. Add some toys such as Zen gardens that will give you something to do with your hands while you endure one of those long conference calls.
  • Life – Most cubicles would benefit greatly by adding a bit of life. Plants, flowers or even a small fish tank are all a great way to do that.
  • Library – If your job requires that you keep a large collection of books on hand, consider turning your cubicle into a small library. This can be done by dedicating an entire wall to shelving. Do not choose the typical cubicle shelving. Instead, opt for dark wood. If the budget will allow, have the shelves custom created in order to take up the entire space without leaving any gaps. Now, swap your cold, white desk for one that will match your new shelving unit.

As you can see, some of the ideas are simple and inexpensive while others are a bit more involved. The fact is that with some time, you can use cubicle decorations to transform your boring workspace into one that you actually enjoy spending time in.

Cubicles are not going anywhere, but you can make the most of your situation by creating a space that is inviting and unique. You’ll still long for Saturday, but at least Monday through Friday will be a bit more pleasant