Cubicle Achievement Gifts

When looking for gifts to give co-workers or employees for important milestones, present them with something that they will be able to use or display in their cubicle. Whether for years of service, a promotion or some other special achievement, these gift ideas below are great options.


Isn’t it annoying when you have to lean your head outside of your cubicle to look at the clock? That is why this gift is a good idea. Take a peek inside the recipient’s cubicle to be sure they don’t already have a clock. If not, then look for one that will compliment the décor already being used in the cubicle.

Consider a wall clock with a personalized face. These clocks, available from many office supply catalogs, can display the achievement (i.e. “Congratulations on 20 Years”) or, if you know one, a favorite quote of the employee or co-worker.

Desk Set

This might seem like a very cliché gift to give someone who works in a cubicle, but high quality desk sets can be quite expensive and are often a much appreciated gift. You can personalize the desk set by having a small metal plate added to one piece of the set. The plate can be engraved with the person’s name and, if appropriate, a bit about their achievement.

White Noise Machine

While this cubicle achievement gift cannot be personalized, it is an extremely useful gift for those who spend their days in a cubicle. It can be very difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand when you are forced to listen to your co-workers phone calls and conversations and just the general chatter and noise going on in the office.

A white noise machine will drown out the noise with sounds of the ocean, birds or a rainstorm. Many use these machines to help them fall asleep, but they can be just as useful to help you concentrate in a rather noisy environment.

Wall Art

Present your co-worker or employee with a piece of art for their cubicle wall. This could be a motivational poster, but think outside of the typical cubicle décor when choosing this gift. Choose a piece of art that reflects the taste and style of the recipient.

As is the case with the desk set, you can personalize the art by adding a small metal plate to the frame. Be sure that you also include whatever hardware is necessary to hang the artwork in the cubicle.

For each of the above gifts, you can choose to spend a little or a lot based on your budget and the achievement that is being celebrated. For example, if you are marking someone’s 5th year of service, you would not choose as pricey a desk set as you would for someone celebrating their 20th year of service.

There are many more fabulous ideas for cubicle achievement gifts, but the examples above are a good place to start. Just imagine an item that would enhance your life in the cubicle, and you’ll have a gift idea that is sure to be a winner.

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