Birthday Cubicle Decoration Ideas

Celebrating a birthday in an office environment can be a bit mundane. Typically, it consists of a group of people gathering in the conference or break room to cut a cake and, perhaps, give a small gift to the person of honor. One way to take the birthday celebration to the next level is to decorate the recipient’s cubicle. Below are some birthday cubicle decoration ideas.


You can take a lot of the work out of buying birthday cubicle decorations by choosing a cubicle decoration kit. There are kits available that contain everything that you will need to decorate a standard cubicle including signs, streamers, balloons and more. Each kit is different, so you will surely be able to find one that will work for the birthday guy or girl in your office.


Anyone who has ever seen an episode of “The Office” knows how funny and creative office cubicle pranks can be. In some offices, this is how they choose to celebrate birthdays. That means that instead of balloons and a nice card, the birthday person might come to work to find everything – EVERYTHING – in his cubicle has been tightly wrapped in aluminum foil. There are a too many such pranks to list, but below are a few ideas to get your started.

Tin Foil

The above-mentioned tinfoil prank is nothing new, but it remains popular because it’s pretty easy to pull off. All you need is a LOT of tin foil. Go to the birthday person’s cubicle and start wrapping everything in foil. This includes the chair, computer monitor, stapler, picture frames…everything. Since it is a birthday prank, you can hang a simple “Happy Birthday” sign or tie a single balloon to the person’s chair.

Home Sweet Home

This birthday cubicle prank requires a bit more time and thought and is especially appropriate if the birthday person has ever bemoaned the fact that he or she has a cubicle instead of a traditional office. For their birthday, give them the “office” that they have always wanted by creating an enclosed space around their cubicle (including a roof!) using cardboard. You’ll need a few refrigerator boxes to pull this prank off and a little bit of imagination.

Where’s My Cubicle?

What if the birthday person came to work and their cubicle had disappeared? You can make that happen with a few pieces of drywall. Just make sure that the drywall will be easy to remove without causing any damage to the walls or the cubicle. Use a couple of screws (for easy removal) to connect the drywall pieces and wait to see the reaction of your coworker then the see the buildings newest addition!

Life and Times

With a little help from the birthday person’s family, you could create a sort of “life and times” display for your coworker. This idea is best saved for milestone birthdays, or even retirement parties. Collect copies of photos from the person’s family member and create a timeline around the cubicle, detailing important events not only in their career, but in their personal life. After all, everyone works to enjoy their life outside of the office as well! Throw in a few traditional birthday decorations, such as streamers or balloons for a festive look. This birthday cubicle decoration idea will blow away the recipient as it will be totally unexpected, and is much more heartfelt than a few pranks or sly remarks as their tick by.

Of course, you may want to get management approval before undertaking some of these ideas. No matter which one you choose, the birthday person will be sure to remember your efforts… Just remember that pranks beget pranks!

*Photo provided courtesy of Scrap Pile (Flickr)

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