Cubicle Decorations for Aspiring CEOs

If you have big plans for your career, it is important that you carefully consider every aspect of your work life. It is said that you should not dress for the job that you have, but should dress for the job that you want. The same is true for your workspace: You should not decorate your cubicle for the job that you have, but with the job that you want in mind. Below are some tips on cubicle decorations for aspiring CEOs.

The Message

Whether you consider it or not, your cubicle and cubicle decorations send a message about you. If you hope to move up the ladder, you will need to learn to view your workspace through the eyes of other employees and management.


Your cubicle should always be neat. Huge stacks of paper and bulging file drawers give the message that you are unorganized and unable to keep on top of your assigned tasks. If you have trouble organizing your workload, buying a whiteboard to track your work will not only keep you on task, but will serve as a subtle reminder to your employer of your day to day activities.


Consider carefully when choosing photos with which to decorate your cubicle. A nice family photo is a good choice. A photo of you passed out on your college roommates couch is a bad choice. Focus on sending subliminal messages that you are a family man or woman and that you are striving to continually better both yourself and your company.

Wall Art

You also need to be careful when choosing wall art for your cubicle decorations. Avoid anything controversial such as beer posters, items with a political message or sexy posters of celebrities. Many would think that would go without saying, but younger employees sometimes choose cubicle decorations that are much too similar to what used to hang in their college dorm room. A great suggestion for wall art may be contemporary art or framed certificates or diplomas. It never hurts to remind your employer why you’re $50,000 in debt!


Of course, if you want to move up to top management, you will have to prove that you have the work ethic and talent to do so. You need your cubicle decorations to lend themselves to a comfortable work environment where you will be able to focus on the tasks at hand. This means no clutter and no items that will distract you from what you are there to do.

If you’re really willing to “go to extra mile”, you’re going to have to spend some money to reach your goal. As a new employee, your IT department is most likely going to reward your years of college labor with a used or broken down PC. Investing in a top-end PC with multiple displays and the latest software will pay dividends far beyond any amount of money you could spend. Not only will your boss see that you are optimizing your capabilities, but he will also see that you are willing to invest your own money in growing your career. If he or she is going to invest in you as an employee, you need to prove that you are also willing to invest in your job. Remember, not everyone is going to be willing to invest in this manner. But then again, not everyone ends up as a CEO!

Corner Office?

You’re not in the corner office just yet, but you can choose cubicle decorations that show your intentions. Choose wood furniture that will make the work space feel more opulent, but not overly so. Do not choose a desk that is so large and ornate that it is going to draw a lot of attention. Also, while you want to be CEO one day it hasn’t happened yet, so you don’t need a chair that is fit for a king. Just think upscale, yet simple.

Good Taste

Finally, you want your cubicle decorations to show the office that you have good taste. If you don’t have a special talent with decorating, look online for some ideas. You can also purchase cubicle decorating kits that will contain everything that you need to put together an attractive – and well coordinated – work space. Cubicle decor for aspiring CEOs should highlight the traits of the employee that make them management material without drawing the wrong kind of attention. Choose your decorations carefully. Your future depends on it!

Photo provided courtesy of InterContinental Hong Kong (Flickr)

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