About Cubicle Decoration HQ

Welcome to the Cubicle Decoration Headquarters, a division of MyLifeNetwork.

Cubicle Decoration HQ was created in 2011 to bring you the most up to date tips & tricks to renovate your cubicle decor. From equipment reviews to personal cubical evaluations, CubicleDecorationHQ.com provides unbiased, user-based product reviews and assessments to provide you with the best information available. As part of the MyLifeNetwork philosophy, we will never charge subscription services nor sell your information to any outside sources, as detailed in our privacy policy. We aim to build a tight-nit community of like-minded individuals who simply want to maximize productivity in the workplace.

The MyLifeNetwork family of companies was recently founded in 2011 and is located in Rochester, NY.  We are dedicated to a wide variety of new “life” sites, devoted to bringing you the best products available for all aspects of your life. To contact us for any concerns or questions, please use our contact page.