Cubicle Achievement Gifts

When looking for gifts to give co-workers or employees for important milestones, present them with something that they will be able to use or display in their cubicle. Whether for years of service, a promotion or some other special achievement, these gift ideas below are great options. Clock Isn’t it annoying when you have to

Cubicle & Office Jokes

Life in a cubicle is a lot of things: It is frustrating, annoying, loud and, not least of all, funny. Office workers have misspent thousands of hours poring over cubicle jokes, and anyone who has ever spent time in a cubicle understands the humor in such jokes. Here are some places where you can find

Cubicle Decoration Rewards Program

Just a quick note to our loyal readers out there in cyber-space – We’re happy to announce the implementation of the all new CUBICLE DECORATION HQ REWARDS PROGRAM! This program is designed to promote user feedback on the site and interaction between members., and in return, you win CASH PRIZES! For a quick “how it

Cubicle Exercise Suggestions

It is easy to get stiff and sore when you spend all day behind a desk. There are, however, exercises that you can do in your cubicle to help keep your blood flowing. Obviously, you won’t be able to get a full cardio workout while at your desk, but doing something is better than doing