Cubicle Achievement Gifts

When looking for gifts to give co-workers or employees for important milestones, present them with something that they will be able to use or display in their cubicle. Whether for years of service, a promotion or some other special achievement, these gift ideas below are great options.


Isn’t it annoying when you have to lean your head outside of your cubicle to look at the clock? That is why this gift is a good idea. Take a peek inside the recipient’s cubicle to be sure they don’t already have a clock. If not, then look for one that will compliment the décor already being used in the cubicle.

Consider a wall clock with a personalized face. These clocks, available from many office supply catalogs, can display the achievement (i.e. “Congratulations on 20 Years”) or, if you know one, a favorite quote of the employee or co-worker.

Desk Set

This might seem like a very cliché gift to give someone who works in a cubicle, but high quality desk sets can be quite expensive and are often a much appreciated gift. You can personalize the desk set by having a small metal plate added to one piece of the set. The plate can be engraved with the person’s name and, if appropriate, a bit about their achievement.

White Noise Machine

While this cubicle achievement gift cannot be personalized, it is an extremely useful gift for those who spend their days in a cubicle. It can be very difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand when you are forced to listen to your co-workers phone calls and conversations and just the general chatter and noise going on in the office.

A white noise machine will drown out the noise with sounds of the ocean, birds or a rainstorm. Many use these machines to help them fall asleep, but they can be just as useful to help you concentrate in a rather noisy environment.

Wall Art

Present your co-worker or employee with a piece of art for their cubicle wall. This could be a motivational poster, but think outside of the typical cubicle décor when choosing this gift. Choose a piece of art that reflects the taste and style of the recipient.

As is the case with the desk set, you can personalize the art by adding a small metal plate to the frame. Be sure that you also include whatever hardware is necessary to hang the artwork in the cubicle.

For each of the above gifts, you can choose to spend a little or a lot based on your budget and the achievement that is being celebrated. For example, if you are marking someone’s 5th year of service, you would not choose as pricey a desk set as you would for someone celebrating their 20th year of service.

There are many more fabulous ideas for cubicle achievement gifts, but the examples above are a good place to start. Just imagine an item that would enhance your life in the cubicle, and you’ll have a gift idea that is sure to be a winner.

Cubicle & Office Jokes

Office Jokes

Life in a cubicle is a lot of things: It is frustrating, annoying, loud and, not least of all, funny. Office workers have misspent thousands of hours poring over cubicle jokes, and anyone who has ever spent time in a cubicle understands the humor in such jokes. Here are some places where you can find the best cubicle jokes as well as how to put the best of those jokes to good use.

Finding the Jokes

Dilbert – One of the best sources of laughs about life in a cubicle comes from Dilbert cartoons. If the daily comic strip is not enough for you then you purchase entire books of this witty, office humor.

The Internet – As mentioned above, the internet is the source of countless cubicle jokes. Of course, some are funnier than others, but even the not-so-funny cubicle jokes are at least good for a groan. When you find a Web site with quality jokes be sure to mark it as a favorite, so you can easily check back for updates.

Book Stores – If you feel that you will have an ongoing need for cubicle jokes, consider investing in a book full of them. A visit to most any bookstore will yield several options. This will allow you to have a supply of office jokes at your fingertips.

Look Around You! – Some of the funniest cubicle jokes are what you actually see in your own office every day!

Using the Jokes

Now that you know where to find some good cubicle jokes, you need to know what to do with them. Here are some ideas.

Newsletters – Pepper some cubicle jokes throughout the office newsletter. This will be an inspiration for employees to actually read the newsletter. To make it even more appealing, see if anyone in the office can draw. If so, have them illustrate a joke in each issue of the newsletter.

Email Blasts – If you send email blasts to groups of co-workers or employees  then add a joke or two in at the end of each communication.

Bulletin Boards – If you want to encourage employees to pay attention to postings on the bulletin board, one way to do that is to include some quality cubicle jokes amidst the memos about dress code policy changes and announcements about the next office birthday celebration.

Have a Contest – Bring out the inner funny bones of the people in your office by having a cubicle joke writing contest. Form a committee of three or four people who will serve as judges. Encourage employees to submit original cubicle jokes. Then the panel of judges will select a winner from all the entries. Another option is to give every employee one vote and allow everyone a hand in picking the winner.

Office cubicle jokes can lighten the mood in the office by shedding light on the funny side of what can be a boring day to day work life. Use cubicle jokes in the ways described above to add a touch of fun to the workday.

*Photo provided courtesy of Snassek (Flickr)

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Relieve Stress with Cubicle Games

Chess Board

A workday spent in a cubicle can be frustrating and seem to go on forever. Everyone needs a break from time to time and finding some cubicle games to keep in your office can help you stay sane. There are plenty of options available. Below are just a few ideas. Remember: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!


One of the most popular cubicle games is basketball. There are two options. The first is a small hoop that is attached to your trash can. Rather than playing this game with a ball, you play with crumpled up pieces of paper.

The second type of cubicle basketball game includes a hoop that is attached to one of your cubicle walls. The set also comes with a foam ball with which you can practice your hoop skills during your down time.


Another fun cubicle game is darts. Of course, you don’t want to use actual darts as this would pose safety hazard. Instead, a cloth dart board is attached to one of your cubicle walls. You can hone your dart throwing skills using Velcro darts or small balls with Velcro attached.


If you often dream of playing 9 holes in the middle of the work week then this is a perfect cubicle game for you. You won’t be able to practice your long shot, but you can work on your putting skills. Cubicle putting sets usually include a couple of balls and a small cup at which you will take aim. Some include a plastic putter, but you may prefer to use your own.

Boss Toss

Some companies have found a niche selling toys specifically designed for the office. One of the most tempting is the Boss Toss. Boss Toss is a cubicle game that allows you get out some of the frustration that you may be feeling for management without losing your job.

Boss Toss includes small plastic “executives” that you can shoot across the office from the plastic shooter. Buy one for the folks in adjoining cubicles and you can shoot executives back and forth as needed.

Online Games

Of course, some managers may frown on you having a collection of toys and games in your office. If that’s the case then you can turn to the internet for your down-time entertainment. There are many Web sites that specialize in games you can play while at work. Sure, the old standards, such as solitaire, are still out there, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are hundreds of games to choose from! Just be sure that you are clear about your office’s internet use policy before you start playing these cubicle games.

Smart Phone Games

If you just can’t go an entire work day without playing a round of Scrabble or checking on your Farmville crops, but don’t want to risk playing the games on your office computer then smartphone games are a perfect choice. You have access to thousands of games that you can easily play while sitting at your desk.

Sure, cubicles are for work, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun!

*Photo provided courtesy of Mariano Kamp (Flickr)

Cubicle Exercise Suggestions

Trim the fat

It is easy to get stiff and sore when you spend all day behind a desk. There are, however, exercises that you can do in your cubicle to help keep your blood flowing. Obviously, you won’t be able to get a full cardio workout while at your desk, but doing something is better than doing nothing. Below are a few ideas about how to squeeze in a bit of exercise during your workday.

Bring the Right Stuff

Bring a few pieces of “cubicle workout gear”.  Hand weights can be used easily while you are talking on the phone. During a long conference call, simply take out your hand weights and start doing reps. You can still stay fully present in the conference call while also moving.

An exercise ball is a great tool for cubicle exercises. If you are a fan of the television show The Office, then you probably watched as one of the characters swapped his chair for an exercise ball in order to strengthen his core. While it was done for laughs on the show, it is actually a good idea.

You probably don’t want to get rid of your chair completely, but keeping an exercise ball handy to use now and then throughout the day is a great idea.

Don’t Call Your Co-Workers

As strange as it may sound to younger office workers, there was a time when if you needed to talk to a co-worker across the hall or on the other side of the building that you actually WALKED there. Today, you probably just call, text, email or instant message them.

While technology has helped you to make the most of your time, it has caused most people to move less than ever before. Don’t call your co-workers. Instead, get up and walk to their office. Take the longest possible route and, if applicable, use the stairs instead of the elevator.

When you have a desk job, every little bit of movement helps, so instead of hitting “send”, get up and take a walk.

The Cubicle Moves

In addition to the above ways of sneaking in a bit of movement throughout your workday, there are also some cubicle exercises that you can complete during a break or on your lunch hour. Unless you have a huge cubicle – and a really cool boss – you won’t be able to set up a treadmill in your workspace. You can however, do lunges, pushups, sit ups and even yoga.

Bring a mat so that you don’t have to sit on the floor. When break time comes, get in a few sets of lunges or 50 pushups.

Another Use for YouTube

Yes, YouTube is a great way to waste time during your workday, but it is also a great way to do some cubicle exercises. The site contains several cubicle workout videos starting with three-minute strength training workouts and then moving on to longer workouts. Just click on one of these videos and you will be guided through some fabulous cubicle exercises.

Again, the above ideas will not take the place of going to the gym or for your morning run, but you will be able to keep moving which will help you feel better throughout the workday.

*Photo provided courtesy of Helga Weber (Flickr)

Office Decorations for Technophiles

Self Aware Computer

If you love to keep up to date on the latest tech devices, then you will love these ideas for office decorations for technophiles. While your office mates will still be using 20th century items, you can stay on the cutting edge.

Voice Control is SO Last Century

Sure, some think it is pretty cool to be able to control your computer, lights, phone and even temperature controls by voice command, but those on the cutting edge of technology now are on to something more incredible: thought controlled computers.

While these devices may have a way to go before they reach their full potential, they are no longer the stuff of science fiction writers. Engineers have introduced various thought controlled devices at tech shows around the world, so make sure your cubicle is one place levitra dosage these items make their debut once they reach the marketplace.

Robot Assistant

You don’t have to wait for your boss’s approval to get an assistant. You can lighten your workload by including a robot assistant in your cubicle! Depending on how much you have to spend, your robot may be able to help you with some of your annoying little daily tasks. Of course, you’ll need two desks as your robotic helper will need a place to take care of business.

You may also want to take your robot girl or guy Friday home with you at the end of each workday to eliminate the chance of a jealous co-worker kidnapping this useful piece of cubicle décor.

A Nod to the Past

The very best technophiles enjoy remembering the technology of yesteryear. While you may not want to clutter up your desk with your very first Commodore 64, there are other ways that you can bring in the technology of the past.

One of the most interesting ways is by purchasing pieces of art that have been created using obsolete technology. These sculptures and three dimensional wall hangings come in all shapes and sizes. They are made with old mother boards, typewriters and other technology that no longer has a use, but looks great as cubicle décor.

Keep it Moving

Office decorations for technophiles are going to have a very short shelf life. Just about the time it starts to gather dust, it will be time to recycle it and move on to something even more on the cutting edge. True technophiles do not get attached to the technology of today, but are always ready to try whatever new gear is rolling off of the experimental production lines.

Your robot assistant, obsolete tech gear artwork and thought controlled devices will help ensure that your office is the envy of techies everywhere. If you can’t afford all of these items, just find ways to bury them in your expense reports. Another option is to wait for a device that allows you to perform thought control on your boss, thus encouraging him to approve your hefty expenses for high tech cubicle décor.

*Photo provided courtesy of Guillermo (Flickr)